Birthdays are the happiest times.

Usually, birthday celebrations will be celebrated by people closest to you, ranging from family, couples, to friends. It has become a tradition that those closest to you will surprise your birthday.

However, sometimes we can also run out of ideas when planning surprises for a loved one’s birthday.

For those of you who want to find a surprise birthday idea that is unique and different from others, read below, I have exciting ideas that you can use. Since the primary purpose of giving a surprise is to surprise a birthday person, then you have to make a surprise that is not easy to guess.

  1. “Abduct” and Bring Somewhere

The idea of a surprise birthday is a bit extreme, but the idea of kidnapping a birthday person and taking it to an unexpected place can be a unique surprise idea.

Make sure the place that will be used as the location of the surprise has been appropriately prepared, ranging from decoration to other surprise needs. Next, try to pick him up by closing his eyes.

A new blindfold is opened when you are at the planned place. Guaranteed, he will be surprised when you bring him to an unexpected place that has been setup for his birthday.

  1. Hang a Photo on the Balloon

This one can be an exciting idea to give a birthday surprise to girlfriends and friends. To make this kind of shock, you need a helium gas balloon with a long rope to stick to the ceiling.

Next, collect photos of birthday people and print them. Hang pictures on the helium balloons, each balloon carrying one photo. After that, wait until he enters the room that is filled with balloons.