Seven Tips Before You Move

You wonder: Just how do you keep long distance relationships going so you can have the love you are dreaming about? Here are seven tips to practice BEFORE you pack up your belongings to be with your SOUL MATE.


Each morning and every night make sure you video talk with your Loved One. Eye contact creates a bond! This will make you a regular part of their day.


Have phone or Skype sex at least twice a week. Nothing impedes long distance relationships from growing into something more permanent than the absence of physical contact. So try to act like a normal couple in the sexual arena. Hearing and seeing the sexy sounds and sights of each other will bring about bonding and generate good feelings about the relationship.


Text or call throughout the day so that you are in contact and talking about what is happening for each of you.


Take turns coming to stay with each other for at least a couple of days. During this time make sure you have a lot of fun and passionate sex. Over time make these visits longer so that you can see how you do as a couple when you are living together as opposed to living far apart.


If your Loved One has a crisis, drop everything and be as supportive as possible. Show him or her that they come first in your life.


Let’s say the long distance relationship is growing for a year or more. At that point, you could consider giving up the life you have in order to move in with your long-distance partner. Work out a contract with your partner before you actually quit your job, give notice to landlord etc. For example, ask what he is willing to do to support you while you’re job hunting. With the least stress possible for you.


Sometimes long distance relationships seem to be progressing but moving in with the partner is not feasible. Discuss with him or her what you would be willing to provide in terms of financial, emotional, job search or other support if your partner would consider moving in with you or into housing together in your area.